Large luxury unit, Hertfordshire acquired planning consent for this large luxury unit in Hertfordshire in 2018. Projects of this size normally fall outside of's range but due to the amazing area potential of this site we decided to pursue the project. 

The site was originally an empty lot of land with an old car garage belonging to a Grade 2 listed property that backs onto this plot. At first glance it was mentioned that achieving planning was an impossible task due to the building existing for a long time with historic ties to the front property.

It was decided the building was not of any significant value as its determination was a simple car storage built by a long-term previous owner. submitted an application for residential planning in 2018 and planning was granted for a 4 bedroom detached property with an associated garage. has a further vision for this property to yet again enhance the property's status. The property has it's own private road and entrance and over 1 acre of flat green land. Further drawings are being worked up to create an eco-friendly dwelling that will be submitted for entry into Grand Designs.

offley pic 2