161 units, Stotfold, Bedfordshire

This site, situated just outside a small town in Bedfordshire was exchanged with Linden Homes in May 2018 and an application was lodged for 161 dwellings with 35% being affordable. Linden Homes completed with ukland.com in 2019 for £15,100,000. Residential dwellings on this site are under construction and will be available in 2020. 

Part of the site was previously home to a commercial business that has now relocated.This part of the site was not situated in the local plan but was adjacent to land that was allocated, It was then determined a scheme that included this land was much more viable than the allocated land alone and a scheme was drawn which is shown below. 


ukland.com, Woods Hardwick and Linden Homes worked very hard on the project to bring a great addition to Bedfordshire and provide the much needed housing the UK needs.

Please click HERE to read more on this project from Woods Hardwick.

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