Registering your land

Registering land

Why should you register your land?

One of the main pillars of land law is the registering of land. Registering land is very important to outline who the owner of the land is and also to designate the ownership boundaries. Many Farmhouses with surrounding agricultural land that has been passed through the family for many generations sometimes isn't registered and it isn't uncommon.  To register your land click here

A few reasons to register your land are: 

1. The title register constitutes the evidence of title and replaces proof of ownership by historic deeds and documents. If your land is registered, future dealings relating to it are quicker and more efficient because you have eliminated the requirement for the, often substantial, bundle of pre-registration deeds and documents to be considered;

2. Registration is conclusive as to the ownership of the land and provides a state backed guarantee of the title;

3. It provides greater protection against a claim for adverse possession of land by an unauthorised occupier. This is due to the differing requirements for a successful claim in relation to registered land compared to unregistered land; and

4. The register provides a clearer picture of the legal state of the land by setting out the rights and covenants which benefit or burden the title in question.

To register your land click here

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