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Bright or Dark future for the housing market?

Due to the Brexit fiasco and uncertainty on the delivery of the 2016 referendum, Q1 of 2019 has seen a low point in terms of acquisitions for as attentions have been focused on rapidly progressing planning on current projects. Two projects offering a combined 90 units in Bedfordshire have recently been submitted in full detail to the local planning authority and are expected to have a decision in Q2 of 2019. 

2019 has already been a fantastic year for regardless of the dark shadow cast over the housing market in 2018 and are expected to increase acquisitions over the next 6 months. is set for a completion on 1 project worth £15.1 million pounds in Q2 2019 to Linden Homes PLC after having permission granted for 161 dwellings in November 2018. By Q3 of 2019 are expecting to reach sales of £21 million pounds which will greatly increase expectations for 2020. is actively searching for land and property with potential development and always welcomes land and property agents to join the team. If you are an agent with good connections to land owners then please get in touch.

For enquiries please get in contact.

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