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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

What sort of house do you see yourself living in, in 20 years time?

Chances are, it’s not going to look like the one you grew up in. As technology advances, so does the shape of the structures we live in. As the population booms, so the sizes of the places we build shrink.

Environmentalism, too, forces changes in how we build, run and maintain our homes. Solar panels, draught-free buildings, taking control of your energy supply, growing your own food: all forward-thinking ideas to help us stride into a smarter future, where we take individual responsibility for caring for the planet.

To protect our planet from climate change and the inevitable negative implications that are sure to come, has adopted a new vision for the UK in how housing developments are built and delivered.

In the new decade of 2020 Eco-friendly, low carbon and sustainable are popular terms in all industries, so why not development? Housing developments are lacking in technology, sustainability and especially longevity which is casing unhealthy living around the UK. The idea of Vision22 is to create a low carbon and sustainable housing developments that incorporate the latest technology and materials within their design. Vison22 will look to also incorporate less dense development with large open spaces and gardens to promote healthy living and give the local community a less restrictive space surrounding their homes.

In the UK the landscape is a precious thing but not many people know that we have only built on 5.9% of the whole of the UK. This doesn't mean developments should be implemented anywhere but to safeguard our countries landscape and beauty, design in developments need to change. A main policy of Vision22 is to create developments with landscape and ecology as it's the highest priority in terms of preservation. Homes will need to be jointly incorporated with the surrounding area and designed in a way to lower visual and physical impacts on the landscape. This is what Vision22 is all about.

Affordable housing is a key part of Vision22 and hopes to provide affordable housing for many families in the UK, a Vision22 home is not just for 10 years but for life. Family's need security and healthy balanced lives to raise children in the best way possible. Vision22 hopes to create sustainable communities that are joined into existing settlements but help promote modern and Eco-friendly ways of sustainable travel to have access to all amenities needed for a happy healthy life. has secured more than 600 acres in the UK specifically for the Vision22 initiative, over the next 10 years will be looking to lead the way for large Eco-village projects hoping to change the way the UK builds its homes. In current secured land, could potentially provide up to 1500 affordable homes and over 2500 homes in line with Vision22.

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