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Our Ethos

To protect our planet from climate change and the inevitable negative implications that are sure to come, has adopted a new vision for the UK in how housing developments are built and delivered.


In the new decade of 2020 Eco-friendly, low carbon, and sustainable are popular terms in all industries, so why not development? Housing developments are lacking in technology, sustainability, and especially longevity which is causing unhealthy living around the UK.


The idea of Vision22 is a company ethos that sets an example to the industry on carbon and sustainable housing developments that incorporate the latest technology and materials within their design. Vison22 will look to also incorporate less dense development with large open spaces and gardens to promote healthy living and give the local community a less restrictive space surrounding their homes.

Setting Examples

Vision22 wants to set examples by creating sustainable communities that benefit and become part of existing settlements but help promote modern and Eco-friendly ways of sustainable living and travel and also provide amenities needed for a happy healthy life. This is why is committed to investing in local communities that are local to our projects even before we get planning permission for one of our developments. We believe that this is crucial to help communities understand that is not solely driven by profit and that a Vison22 project in the area only means great things for local residents. 


"Vision22 is an ethos that we created to set an example on how we should be building. Every development should consist of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and be as Eco-Friendly as possible to help solve climate change and promote healthy living"

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